Sideland have been undertaking fire risk assessments since 2007.

We use our project and life cycle experience to provide clear and concise fire safety reports that are useful.


Not just a tick in the box.

Our risk assessments do what the reform order was designed for, we help our clients own fire safety.


Are specialist providers of concessionaire/tenant coordination and management of compliance

Are a complete one stop shop for bringing retail facilities maintenance into action and keeping you safe

Offer an effective and comprehensive service that delivers your goals and enhances your reputation


Allow your business to grow.

We are proud to help the Shard with the management of their 3rd Party risk management, we have been retained on an annual basis to help the team keep this iconic building in tip top condition.

Our work has led to the 100% reduction in nuisance fire alarm activations. The Shard tenants have a clearer understanding of how they can minimise their impact on the wider operation whilst being smarter with their life cycle risk management. We worked hard on retiring the simple things that combine to adversely affect the operation.

We can apply our knowledge and approach to your business however big or small. We would love to hear from you.